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80's Night LIVE!

Y3K's 80's show brings the full spectrum of what made the 80's the best decade for music:  DANCE MUSIC! 

From Pop to New Wave to Big Hair Rockers to Techno, Y3K is the only San Diego band who can play 80's songs and make them sound just like the original recordings.  Please come see us to experience this yourself!  Add in our pulsating, computer coordinated light show, and Y3K truly makes the 80's come alive.  We'll give you our extensive 80's songlist, and you pick the songs we'll play.  And if you want us to mix in a few songs from other decades, no problem.

No other decade can beat the 80's for pure fun dance hits.  Y3K's 80's show is better and less expensive than other local 80's shows.  For more information, to come see us, or for a price quote, please click on:  Contact